General Guidelines before submission

Original and unpublished work: Only previously unpublished work should be submitted. Material that has been partly presented or presented as an abstract elsewhere should be acknowledged in a note. Materials submitted to the journal must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. On acceptance, the manuscript must not be published elsewhere in similar form, in any language or any medium, without the written consent of the BVMJ.

Authorship: All individuals who are listed as authors of a manuscript must have participated sufficiently in the conception and design of the work and analysis of data (if applicable) as well as in the writing of the manuscript. The authors must also believe that the manuscript represents valid work and must have reviewed the final version of the manuscript and approved it for publication

Any alteration in authorship after submission must be approved by all authors. This applies to additions, deletions, changes in authorship order or in attributed contributions, and such alterations must be explained to the journal. Authors may be contacted to ascertain whether they have agreed to any alteration.

Authors contribution:Each author’s contribution should be clearly mentioned in terms of conceptualization, design, data collection, implementation, data analysis, interpretation, and manuscript writing. All authors should have reviewed and approved the final version of manuscript.

Data availability statementA statement on data availability has to be included before the references. Authors may use following statement:

Data is available in public domain OR Request of data may be made to the corresponding author

AI disclosure: Mention whether AI was used in manuscript preparation. If used,
  • Disclose and describe the contribution of AI in writing the manuscript.
  • All authors should accept full responsibility for the contents of the manuscript and its supplementary material (text/ tables/ figures).

Copyright and declaration form: Corresponding authors should submit the scanned copy of copyright and declaration form with signature of all authors.

Permission: For content taken from any form of copyrighted material, such as direct quotations, figures or tables, authors must have obtained written releases from the copyright owner for its use, and would be responsible for any permission fees incurred. The original source must also be acknowledged in the submitted manuscript.

Ethical considerations: BVMJ adheres to the ethical principles outlined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) available at:

Research that involves human participants also includes studies that use only human blood, tissue, or medical records. Authors should confirm review of the study by an appropriate institutional review board or affirm that the research was conducted according to the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki ( Manuscripts involving experimental investigations on human should include a statement that the research protocol was approved by relevant institutional review boards or ethics committees and that all human participants gave written informed consent.

For studies among participants involving vulnerable group (eg. children, pregnant women, sex workers, tribal population, sub-ordinate workers, prisoners etc.), additional safeguard measures should be executed and reported as per the ICMR guidelines. For studies among children in 0-6 years age group, written informed consent of the parents or the legal authorized representative (LAR) should be taken and reported. For studies among children in 7-18 years age group, assent of the child along with the written informed consent of the parents or LAR should be taken and reported. Oral informed assent for children in 7-11 years age group and written informed assent among children in12-18 years age group should be taken and reported.

If authors did not obtain institutional review board approval before the start of the study, they should state and explain the circumstances. If the study was exempted from review, authors should state that such exemption complied with the policy of their local institutional review board.

For animal subjects, animal care and licensing guidelines under which the investigation was performed must be reported in accordance with the Animals in Research: Reporting In Vivo Experiments (ARRIVE) statement.

Withdrawal of an article: The author can send a request email and withdraw the article at any point of time, before publication.

Electronic submission: Manuscripts addressing topics in any discipline of medical sciences that are deemed to be of practical value for the daily practice of medicine will be considered for review by this journal. All contributions should be submitted, electronically to Authors are requested to submit the text including tables and artwork in electronic form to this address.

Please note that the journal reserves the right to make modifications in the language, grammar, presentation, etc. to fit the journal’s requirements.