General Guidelines

Manuscripts addressing topics in any discipline of medical sciences that are deemed to be of practical value for the daily practice of medicine will be considered for review by this journal. All contributions should be submitted, electronically to Authors are requested to submit the text, tables and artwork in electronic form to this address.

Only previously unpublished work should be submitted. Material that has been partly presented or presented as an abstract elsewhere should be acknowledged in a note. All individuals who are listed as authors of a manuscript must have participated sufficiently in the conception and design of the work and analysis of data (if applicable) as well as in the writing of the manuscript. The authors must also believe the manuscript represents valid work and must have reviewed the final version of the manuscript and approved it for publication. Materials submitted to the journal must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should be in English and must conform to the journal format. Manuscripts that do not comply with the journal requirements may be returned without review by the editor. All manuscripts will be subjected to peer review and revision. Accepted articles will become the property of the Journal, and excerpts or parts may not be published elsewhere without written permission from both the editors and the publishers.

All manuscripts must be submitted online. Authors submitting for the first time will need to register and then submit their papers online. Manuscripts should not be submitted unless registration process is complete. If the editor/reviewer suggests/requests any changes in the manuscripts, it is the corresponding author’s responsibility to ensure that a revised version is resubmitted through the Journal site. Because the review process will be conducted in a blinded format, you will be asked to provide separate files for your title page (containing all of the author details and contact information) along with a blinded version of your paper containing no author details or identity revealing information. Please refrain from using end notes as references or automatic list numbering because these features are lost in conversion. Simply type the reference number in parentheses in the text and superscript it and type the reference list using Arabic numbers. The references should be in Vancouver style. Formatting such as Greek letters, italics, super and subscripts maybe used in the test as per need. The coding scheme for such elements must be consistent throughout.

Authors are responsible for applying for permission for both print and electronic rights for all borrowed materials and are responsible for paying any fees related to the applications of these permissions.

Process of submission

Author has to create user name and password on line. Author has to first select broad specialty of the article being submitted from the given list. Next she or he has to specify the type of article from the given list. Then submit covering letter, title page, summary with key words. Then article file (Introduction including objectives, material and methods, observations, discussion including limitations, conclusions, acknowledgements and references in that order. The tables and figures are part of article file but are to be on separate pages) may be submitted. The article file must have page numbers centrally placed at bottom. If a disclaimer is required it should be written on a separate page at the end of the manuscript.

Copy of Institutional Ethics Committee permission letter and Clinical Trial Registry of India number (or equivalent from other countries) in relevant cases will be required as additional files. Permission to quote and reproduce material previously published must be obtained from the copyright holder, and a copy of the letter granting such permission must accompany the manuscript as additional file.

Before submission, please confirm that you have uploaded all concerned. The sections mentioned above are not essential for letter to editor, case report and editorial.