Peer Review Process

Plagiarism check: All submitted articles will be checked for plagiarism using the software "iThenticate". As per UGC norms, similarities up to 10% will be accepted. In case of finding plagiarism of more than 10%, the article will be returned to the author for necessary corrections. If the plagiarism is more than 50%, the article will be rejected.

Assigning Editor and Editors’ responsibility: Each article will be assigned at least one member of the Editorial board. He/ She will disclose conflict of interest before further processing of the manuscript. In case of conflict of interest, another member will be requested to take over.

  • Editorial review and screening: After submission, the article will first undergo editorial review, where the article will be reviewed by the assigned member from the editorial board to ensure whether the article meets the journal requirements and is within the scope. If required, the article will be sent back to the author for minor revision, so as to meet the journal criteria.
  • Further, the assigned member from editorial board will arrange to send the manuscript for blinded peer review process.

Assigning reviewers and reviewers’ responsibility: All reviewers will be required to disclose conflict of interest before full review of the manuscript. If there is any conflict of interest, he/ she will communicate inability to review. Accordingly, the editorial board member will send the manuscript to another reviewer. Database of reviewers will be prepared and updated from the authors.

  • Double blinded review: Blinded article will be sent to two reviewers from the concerned subject for peer review.
  • He/ She will be requested to permanently delete the manuscript and will not use for any purpose after reviewing and submitting the comments.

Final decision and communication: The article will be provisionally accepted if both reviewers recommend. The comments from reviewers will be blinded and communicated to the author for suitable modifications. In case of non-recommendations from both the reviewers the article will be rejected and the decision will be communicated to author. In case of difference of opinion between two reviewers, the article will be referred to member from editorial board or a third reviewer. His/her opinion will be final. The decision made by the reviewers will be noted and the final decision will be made by the Editor and will be communicated to the author.